Introduction to Sarah

Welcome everyone to my introduction. I’m Sarah out of Syracuse, NY. I’ve been watching Wrestling since the late 80’s. The first match I can remember was a match between Macho Man Randy Savage vs The Red Rooster. The first live event I can remember attending was WWF In Your House #1 in 1995. That’s the one where they gave away a house, Bret Hart wrestled twice that night.

Some of my favorite wrestlers over the years have included Shawn Michaels as he was the first heel I learned to appreciate for their work. I loved Victoria, Nyla Rose has been a big inspiration to me, and one of the all time greats Chris Jericho.

I love writing so you’ll see a lot of it here from me as well as a bunch of top 5 and best of type stuff. Hobbies outside of wrestling include video games, cooking (I’ve competed in a few cupcake competitions), poker, and baseball. I’m an open book with who I am and my experiences so feel free to ask. You can find me on twitter @HTC_SarahGandW

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