Why The Ending of Moxley vs Omega is Best Thing for Wrestling

The conclusion to Moxley vs Omega at last night AEW Winter is Coming event is one of the must talked about main events in recent history. Once Kenny won the AEW World title, he left with Don Callis(who works for Impact Wrestling). Before they got into the car, Don stated that to watch Impact Wrestling this Tuesday to an explaining. With that comments from Callis, wrestling fans are talking about the possibility of cross promotions with AEW and Impact Wrestling. Here are some reasons as to why its ending to AEW main Event is best for the wrestling business.

  • Impact Wrestling: The biggest win from last night AEW main event was Impact Wrestling. Its been awhile since the company has had a buzz around there since the days there were called TNA. Impact has a great roster of talent, from the x division, to the knockouts, the talent is there. Now with the rub from AEW, Impact coming Tuesday episode and there next PPV will have high numbers coming in.
  • Invasion Angle: Everyone remembers the disappointing WWF invasion angle since the big stars were not involved with the story. Fast Forward 20 years later, AEW and Impact will now have an Invasion angle for the start of 2021. The intrigue of cross promotion matches are the talk with wrestling fans. The North vs FTR, The Good Brothers vs The Young Bucks, Rick Swann vs Darby Allin, Sami Callihan vs Jon Moxley, and the list can go on and on. The possibilities are endless with matches that fans would love to see.
  • Future Cross Promotions with Other Companies?: AEW is showing that companies can work together to ignite the wrestling business. They first stated by signing talent from NWA roster. They started using the NWA Women Champion on AEW Dynamite TV show and their PPV. Thunder Rosa, who was the NWA champ at the time, face against AEW World Women Champion Hikaru Shida at All Out for champion vs champion. Now Current NWA women champion Serena Deebs has defended the title on TV and PPV in AEW. Now, AEW and Impact will start cross promotion but could we see New Japan or Ring of Honor next? A few of the talent has wrestled for New Japan in the past so there is history there. Also, AEW first ppv before they were called AEW was with Ring of Honor All IN ppv.
  • Independent Wrestling Unionization?

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