Intro: Journey Through STARDOM

New series coming to BuckleBomb Entertainment

Picture it, the year was 1998 (I hope you read that in Sofia from Golden Girls voice). I saw a commercial for WWE (WWF at the time) Unforgiven; Featuring Luna Vachon and Sable in an evening gown match. Based on that I begged my mom to let me order the PPV. She finally caved and that was my gateway into pro wrestling. I had watched prior as a toddler with my grandparents but had no idea what was going on. I remember flyin Brian.

Women’s wrestling was what I loved. I loved the glitz the glamour, the fact that they weren’t a damsel in distress; no fact they were in there kicking butt and essential the stars (at least in my eyes). I am not sure what made me fall into women’s wrestling. I am not sure if it was because I was gay and wanted to be like them, or it was different and I identified with them. Who knows. Even to this day, I love women’s wrestling.

This is sounding more like a blog about my life rather than a new series. I have recently started watching STARDOM. Arguably the current premier women’s wrestling company in Japan. I have seen some amazing matches so far. However like anything I do, I need to know everything about it. How does one do that? from the start.

The new series will go back to 2011 to the current to bring readers a guide, a review, and insight into how it began to current. I will be giving small play-by-play, a rundown of the matches, along with my favorite matches and why. I also hope that readers will join me on my journey.

In Short; Get ready and join this series appropriately called: Journey Through STARDOM.

All picture and content is copyrighted by STARDOM WORLD RISING.

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