The Championship Rankings of the Championship Belts…

Welcome to a new 6 week series here at Pro Wresting Junkies. I have scoured through 13 wresting promotions, reviewed, and ranked their titles….sure I could have just done a top 50, but why not do 60? Is there any reason not to?

The 13 promotions featured in this article are: World Wresting Entertainment, All Elite Wresting, National Wresting Alliance, Impact Wresting, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wresting, Shine Wresting, Southern Honor Wresting, Lucha Libre AAA Wresting, Pro Wresting Guerrilla, Major League Wresting, Combat Zone Wresting, Shimmer Wresting, Jiggalo Championship Wresting, and Generation Championship Wresting.

Certainly I am sure some of my picks will surprise some, so let me know where i went wrong. Let’s all share our lists. Starting today I will do 10 a week for 6 weeks. Here is week 1, #51-60 of what I feel is the best looking belts.


The AAA Mega Championship

In my opinion this title is just kind of meh for me. For a big championship it’s not really all that flashy. The octagon shape of the plates just seems off for me as well. One good thing about it, it’s still 100 times better than the 24/7 title design.


N WA National Championship

This is a belt that i feel has potential but it’s not quite there. The cut out of the Unites States makes sense but this just looks so cheap. One thing that could maybe bump this title up the list is have more traditional plates but emboss the US logo on it.


NWA Tag Team Championship

No….just no on this one. While the eagle on it is pretty cool yes, this just seems to…I don’t know. I’m just not a fan. Sorry NWA.


WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

You’re going to see a bunch of poorly rated WWE titles on this list. It’s not that I hate WWE, I don’t, but if you’re the company that has the most cash flow and most prestige, you’re belts should be top notch. This belt looks like something a high schooler designed the night before a big project was due and watched Gladiator first. Please, as a WWE fan, bring back one of the old designs.


WWE Raw Tag Team Titles

I mean pretty much same statement above as #57 but I like red slightly more than blue for this. Again please go back to an older design.


WWE Universal Championship

While my thinking is on a similar level as above, this belt is a bit more flashy but how regal, how pristine, or how prestigious is the “W” for the big plate? To me it’s just maybe you should be trying harder WWE.


WWE Championship

Again this is a very similar thought train as above. Though I think the Black and red here looks a touch better than the blue above.


IWGP Tag Team Championship

While these belts aren’t as flashy as other tag belts they are better than some others already posted. They look clean cut and pristine. However you have to look real close to see the design on it.


IWGP Heavyweight Championship

Of the IWGP belts so far this is the best looking one so far. It’s got some flash and flare. The Main plate looks good and fancy. The unfortunate thing is I’m not a fan of copper coloring.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight

The junior heavyweight version of the title is slightly better. I think silver looks far better on a title the copper yet this title still seams a little bland.

Thank you for joining us in week 1 here in ranking the championship belts. Stay tuned as next Thursday we will post 41-50. Did I get one of my choices wrong? Did I get it right? Comment and let me know.

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