The Championship Rankings of the Championship Belts…Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of 6 in my ranking of the championship titles. I went and scoured through multiple promotions as I explained in my last article. To start this one out I’ll tell you how many belts from each promotion made the list:

Southern Honor Wresting – 1

Jiggalo Championship Wresting – 1

Shimmer – 2

Pro Wresting Guerrilla – 2

Generation Championship Wresting – 2

Shine – 3

AAA – 3

CZW – 3

All Elite Wresting – 4

Impact Wresting – 4

Major League Wresting – 4

New Japan Pro Wresting – 5

Ring of Honor – 5

National Wresting Alliance – 5

World Wresting Entertainment – 16

Yes I know I may take some flak for so many WWE titles but let’s be honest, they have so many and not every one made the list. They would also have been cut down to 12 if I did a top 50 instead.

Let’s get to the list.


WWE Raw Women’s Championship

This is one title that could have easily been higher up the list. It has a lot of features I like such as the prettier white strap and sparkly gems. The red background is kind of meh and the big “W” design just seems lazy.


WWE Smackdown Women’s championship

See reasons from above but the blue is slightly prettier than the red.


JCW Championship

This is JCW’s only title on the list. I like the red strap and while I have not really listened to the Insane Clown Posse in years, their logo is very distinguishable on the plates. The main plate is unique but also kinda weird.


AEW Women’s Championship

I didn’t want to seem biased for my favorite promotion or at least the one I’m hot on at the moment. That said, to me this belt just isn’t that great looking and could have been further down the list to be honest. To me it just looks like a tiny toy belt and kind of ridiculous.


SHW Championship

This is Southern Honor’s only title in the list. It’s great shiny, clean cut white strap and unique design. Perhaps next time I look back on this list this belt may be higher.


CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship

This is CZW’s first entry on to the list. CZW is a crazy promotion with the death matches. The belt is not so crazy with standard black strap, world logo on the main plate. Shiny but plain.


Impact Knockouts Championship

This is Impact’s first title on the list. This belt has some cool factors as well as some WTF factors too. First the bad, it looks old and grimy. The cool part I like saving it from being further down the list is the red glow background.


ROH Pure Championship

This is Ring of Honor’s first belt on the list. It’s very shiny, features big red “ROH” and “Pure” on it with 2 wrestlers grappling. I’m still trying to figure out if this is a serious belt.


MLW Heavyweight Championship

Surprise surprise this is MLW’s first title on the list. The MLW logo is neat and prominently displayed on the main plate. I also like the side plates are pieces of the world map. What I don’t like is what seems like extra gold spaces that just seem blank essentially.


Impact Tag Titles

These belts seem odd and I can not figure out why. The red underlying tone seems cool but the general flow seems off.

Thank you for joining us here for week 2 of the rankings. I hope you enjoyed them. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. What is the ranking of ROH Championship title belts in order of prestige ? Example: Starting with the ROH World Championship on down to the least important title belt. 1 – 6.


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