The Championship Rankings of the Championship Belts….Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of 6 in my ranking of the championship titles. Today before we get to the list of 31 – 40 I want to thank anyone who has been able to support independent wrestling. The past year has been especially tough.

Like me, not everyone is able to go to shows while others have been to a few since corona started. You can support indie wrestlers without having to go to a show. You can buy merch, cameos, share their matches online and talk the up to garner excitement and when shows do open up go see them.


NWA TV Championship

Red, blue, and silver. Glorious is the red banner on the silver main plate with shiny silver writing and eagle. The blue plates on the side are cool as well yet somehow seems gaudy.


IWGP United States Title

I’ve been critical in the past for gaudy but here for this title it works. Plus the flag and banner in the middle make it look neat. The odd shape of the plates make it seem unique fitting a belt from overseas.


PWG Tag Team Championship

This is PWG’s first belt on the list. It’s shiny and gold, and it has a gorilla on the main plate. What more could you ask for? Aside from a slightly less boring looking title for having a gorilla on it?


MLW Middleweight Title

Unique main plate and interesting, however this belt leaves something to be desired.


MLW Tag Team Titles

MLW in the middle of a big gold vines main plate, the globe like side plates are cool. In future lists this belt may go higher, today it did not though.


WWE Intercontinental Title

This title has had so much prestige and honor, with many great designs over the years. That may partly be what saved it from the current one being down so much further. This one is by far the worst and looks like someone tried to get fancy but failed at it.


AAA Cruiserweight Title

The red and gold plating pairs well with the dark green leather strap. The colors and design scream lucha libre and I just love it.


MLW Openweight Championship

This is the last title you’ll see from MLW on the list. What’s neat about this belt is the big gold eagle on the main plate and Statue of Liberty on the side plates. The bad? You can barely see them.


NWA Heavyweight Championship

The idea behind this belt is neat. The NWA logo and American flag on it while the side plates also have other countries on it like Mexico, Japan, Canada, and Australia. Representing a true “world champion.” The one bad in my eyes is that the plates have a slight cheap look to them.


IWGP Intercontinental Championship

This belt really stands out. It’s New Japan’s last title on the list but it’s my favorite of theirs. White strap, shiny gold plates with embossed features. The belt feels old school with modern flare.

Thank you for joining us here for week 3 of the rankings. I hope you enjoyed them. We are now half over and things start getting exciting. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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