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As a founding member of BuckleBomb Entertainment, I am proud that we can launch our store. It’s very symbolic to us to be able to open the store. It’s not so much that we want to make money off our merch, it’s to represent who and what we are.

BuckleBomb Entertainment was created so fans have a safe place to talk about being of wrestling. A place where you can be a fan of whoever you want and not be judged.

The founding members come from various backgrounds and walks of life. We are all four very different people, on all sides of the states, we found each other not out of wanting to start a podcast, but out simply being a fan, and enjoying each other regardless of who we cheered for. We bonded because so many groups/communities are toxic. We wanted to create a positive fandom, where you can enjoy wrestling.

When you are buying our merch, it’s not for fashion, it’s not to just support us, it’s to be part of a positive movement to stopping toxic fandom and creating a place for people where people can be safe from judgment.

To us, it’s more than just wrestling, we want to be a safe place for everyone.

-Bryan Bella

Check out our Store here

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