The Rankings of the Championship Title Belts Part 5

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Today is the start into the top 20 as we reveal numbers 11 through 20. This is where the debates can start and get more intense, as the debate if this belt or that belt should have been higher or was ranked to high.

I don’t want to take away from the belts this week so without further ado, here is your #11 – 20:

#20 WWE nXt North American Championship

The dark red strap gives this relatively new championship belt a sleek look. The gold plates with the zoomed in globe of just North America is pretty cool.

#19 Impact X Division Championship

The Impact X Division title is the last belt from Impact to make the list. This title also gives off that terminator vibe to it. The heave metalish look to it and the near glowing red X make this my favorite Impact title.

#18 AEW World Championship

Some may describe this belt as big and clunky but the gold, silver, and shininess of this belt give it a prestigious and pristine look that many love.

#17 WWE nXt World Championsip

The design of this belt is cool, the side plates that come to a point and the over-exaggerated big golden X is on point!

#16 WWE nXt Women’s World Championship

The women’s championship belt is the same as the men’s as above but the X is a slightly better silver color.

#15 CZW World Championsip

The jagged edge design on the plates is one cool effect, the ring ropes at the bottom adds another talking point. The splash of red along the black and gold is awesome as well.

#14 WWE nXt UK Tag Titles

The Divider plates between the main plate and side plates is awesome and unique. The double globe and 2 lions on the main is awesome as well.

#13 CZW Wired Television Championship

The main plate has a unique retro look to it that kind of looks like an old tv design to it. Add in the rainbow shattered glass design and this belt is top notch. This was the last entry for CZW as well.

#12 AAA Latin American Championship

This is AAA’s final entry just on the outside of the top 10 comes the Latin-American Championship. I love the design of the main plate and the fact it’s got so many flags on it.

#11 ROH World Championship

This is ROH’s final entry and literally just missed the top 10. The main plate has a fun design, reminds me of a carnival tent. I love this look, it looks pristine and looks like it comes with respect.

Thank you for joining us for part 5, stay tuned next week for the top 10. Let us know what we got wrong and right in the comments.

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